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Software and App Development

Software and App

We focus on delivering custom software solutions for desktop and Mobile clients.

The Automotive Industry is an ever evolving industry and we provide practical solutions to assist dealerships to control, maintain and manage their services better.

Graphic Design Solutions

Graphic Design

We offer a unique design service to assist our clients in optimizing their visual identity through branding innovation on all digital and printable platforms, including logo-, web design, small to large format printing and advertising.

Email and SMS Campaigns

Email and SMS

E-mail and SMS marketing, allows you to send one message to a specific target audience from your client database. You can now market your specials, to selected or all your clients at affordable rates.

Customer Support/Training


We provide customer support for all our products as well as training for new Software Products or Interfaces. Training can be facilitated at your convenience on-premise or at our training facility in Centurion.



CMS Sales


• Fully customized corporate image prospecting guidelines as set out by the manufacturer

• Daily diary-style reminders on activity log with electronic notifications to allocate prospects for sales actions.

• Electronic Prospect management, integrated with 3rd party and internet lead submissions. Reporting includes deal status, outcome, referral source reporting with ROI and sales targets. Online sales floor reporting by region, sales floor, sales executive fully customizable.

• Current vehicle make and model pricing updates as per manufacturers guidelines, with added images and colour generated quotations depicting the actual model in the desired colour. Quotations includes vehicle specifications, optional extras and standard factory accessory list.

• New and Used vehicle stock list accessible with integration into various dealer management systems (Automte V3X, Autoline, Evolve).

• Logging of calls and booking of test-drives allocated to respective sales representatives with full electronic and mobile communication functions for customer confirmation in line with POPI requirements.

• Fully functional Sales alerts with daily activity integrated into Microsoft Outlook with pre-set reminders to ensure prompt and effective communication with prospects.

• “OPT-OUT” function available for customers via SMS should they wish not to receive further communication.

• All sales related documentation e.g. vehicle quotations and marketing campaigns, are printable and distilled in E-mail formats

• Electronically generated OTP’s (Offer to Purchase) are integrated into Various Dealer Management Systems and Autoline. OTP’s will populate accurate stock and vehicle information including all relevant documentation required by law.

• Electronic F&I (Finance and Insurance) submissions on Sereti, Signio and Dealer Net.

• F&I interaction fully integrated to update the CMS sales records with all relevant F&I products sold, updating OTP’s once the transaction is complete.

• F & I interaction fully integrated to update the CMS sales record with all relevant F & I products sold by business manager updating the OTP once the transaction is completed and delivered.

• Used vehicle evaluation applications available for tablet and mobile devices.

• Prospective buyer’s information (Lost Sales Register).

• Yearly reminder alerts on client database for birthdays, vehicle anniversary and warranty expiries.

• Workshop activity alerts for sales representatives when bookings are made on the CMS Service Module.


CMS Sales


• Fully integrated lead management software for a call centre, dealer sales floor and dealer management of prospects and all existing customers.

• Call Centre management console to track and assist on all electronic leads received via web sites, 3rd party lead generators and marketing campaigns on Social Media and other platforms via XML feedback.

• This will eradicate duplicate or recapture of any electronic form submitted to a call centre.

• Call Centre management console has the ability to pre-qualify the potential lead before allocation to identified dealer.

• Dealer notification electronically via e-mail, sms and on the CMS Sales External Lead console on the desktop of the application to ensure prompt action.

• Lead allocation can be tracked centrally with date and time stamp, recording all actions of the sales representative throughout the initial lifecycle of the prospect.

CMS Sales
CMS Sales


• Graphs and Statistics indicating Sales Outcomes for a calendar period selected.

• Custom statistics can be tailored for your Dealership

• Track Sales per month or year

• View Total Contacts per Source

• Categorize Reports and Statistics for Regional, Dealership or per Sales Person.

CMS Sales


• One database of customer records with no duplication or need to enter any information on existing sales department customers.

• Information is available across all departments with a noted indication of origin of customer.

• Service Bookings/Appointments schedule from any terminal with Workshop loading / planning ( Available hours – “Bucket system”)

• Mobile device Vehicle Health Check in development for future release.

• Service history also available in CMS on the workshop booking of vehicle, with service history and customer record cross-reference in VARIOUS DEALER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS’ vehicle history to ensure no duplication of data. (Various Dealer Management Systems/ ADP integration in production)

• Concerns logged by customer may be viewed when service booking is done, with all communications on customer record for review.

• Printing of daily and future schedule to enable reminder calls with mobile sms and e-mail notification.

• Early Parts notifications on priority jobs booked.

• Pre-printed Appointment sheets (with Pre-booking number from VARIOUS DEALER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS printed on CMS appointment sheet) NO duplication of information, booking activated in VARIOUS DEALER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS once vehicle arrives. (Various Dealer Management Systems/ ADP integration in production)

• Full service tracking system through the workshop and SMS sent to client when vehicle enters the wash bay area. (Barcode tracking and scanner implementation currently planned phase for future release.) Carry-over management e.g. On hold, Parts on Back Order or Sublet.

• Manufacturer Vehicle Safety Campaigns , if supplied by manufacturer, outstanding campaigns on vehicle when booked in for a service.

• Scheduled service reminders and early service booking suggested alerts can be sent from Daily activity Calendar.

CMS Sales
CMS Vehicle Condition Register


• Proactive cloud based and mobile rental vehicle condition and check in/out management system:

• Realtime rental fleet condition management (accurate, complete, available)

• Proactive rental fleet management through immediate, accurate and complete records

• Customer experience enhancement through reduced inspection times and mobile based system

• Comprehensive activity and data tracker of vehicles and staff

• Secure and immediate data availability (date, time, geocoded)

• All photographs are geocoded with date and time stamps

• User is guided through the system ensuring all details are complete and accurate with no room for user misinterpretation

• Freedom from paper-based administration that reduces administration, stationery and record storing requirements

• Mobility for easier customer service and system access

• Proactive fleet management and claim processing

• Cloud based solution which means all data available immediately from any android smart device or computer connected to the internet

• All data is stored securely on the cloud

• Accurate and complete records assist with expediting vehicle repair claims

• Reduced claim and repair disputes

• User and Administration (management) modules

• Accurate and full detail reporting

• Management reports include User Performance, Branch Performance, Fleet Vehicle Condition, Inspections, Claims and SMS templates

• Administration module allows for management control of users and SMS templates

• Easy Interface with current customer service platforms or systems


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CMS Netauto was founded in 1999, focusing on providing the automotive industry with specific custom software and marketing solutions. The company is an independently owned entity that ensures innovative and customer orientated solutions – on time.

The methodology followed is one of flexibility, dedicated attention, identifying and developing solutions customized for customer needs.

With a very experienced team of developers, support staff and management understanding the automotive industry, CMS Netauto guarantees a solution to not only adhere to the corporate and customer specific need but also delivering solutions to ensure a competitive edge.

Utilized at more than 400 dealership floors, within South Africa and Namibia, and representing all automotive brands, CMS Netauto offers a service and standard unsurpassed and proudly South African.

We focus on delivering Custom Software Solutions for Desktop and Mobile clients in the Automotive Industry.

The Automotive Industry is ever-evolving and we provide practical solutions to assist dealerships to optimize, control, maintain and manage their services in the best way possible.




The new CMS training centre based in Centurion and Cape Town, invites all dealers to send any new or current staff for dedicated "classroom" style CMS training, ensuring better understanding and utilization of the processes and systems available at their dealerships.

The benefits of receiving training at our facilities include, but are not limited to:

• A controlled environment where distractions are minimized.
• Trainees are able to work along on PC's which are provided to them.
• Small groups allowing ample opportunities for questions.
• The full system scope covered with trainees.

If you are interested in booking a training session, please complete the form below and we shall contact you shortly.

I hereby agree to the training and costing involved

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